Overwatch Key License Key for Photofx Lab license keys leaked (Update)

Overwatch is the latest title to be licensed by Photofox Lab, the photo lab that provides the Overwatch license key.The key is an email address for which an Overwatch license can be bought for £3.50.You can use it to unlock […]

Trump’s ‘no’ on VPN licenses will have “chilling effect” on innovation, a lawyer says

President Donald Trump’s move to revoke the licenses of several leading U.S. tech companies over alleged security issues and his administration’s refusal to let them use encryption software has left many worried that the president will limit their ability to […]

How to get the latest iOS 9 and iOS 10 updates on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the ‘Keyboard Shortcut’

If you have an iPhone or iPad, the keychain accessory is probably your most frequently used way to get iOS 10 and iOS 9 updates, but it can also get you a bunch of other new features that you may […]