Which is more likely to cause harm to you: a patent or a patent license?

When you own a patent, you own the invention.When you buy a patent from an authorized reseller, you have a license to use the patent, which gives you exclusive rights to the patent.A patent license has two requirements.The first is […]

How to unlock the license key of a crazy bump: SimCity license key Generator

There’s a lot of confusion about how SimCity licenses work.Here’s a quick guide to unlocking your SimCity account license key.1.Click on your license key to access your account.2.Click “Manage Account” to enter your email address.3.Click the “Account” tab to add […]

Why are Softaculous, Fivem, Softacious Music, and Fivem Unlimited free to download in India?

A day after Softacuous, FiveM, and fivem Unlimited are free to purchase in India, the government has announced that all three services will be available in the country starting from January 31.Softaculous Music, which was launched last year, is a […]

How to Get Into ‘The Muppets’ for a Free Weekend of TV, Movies and Books on Demand

This post was sponsored by Fandango, a digital subscription service.If you are a subscriber, get a 30-day trial and get 15% off your first month.For more info, visit Fandana.com.Get the scoop on what’s new at EW.com/EspionageWeek and subscribe to EW.net […]