How to get your Linux license key and sync it with Syncios

The new SynciOS desktop will not come with an official license key.You’ll need to sign up for a Synciostat subscription, or purchase a separate key from the company.However, Synciosel and its partner SynciOptic, will ship licenses for the Syncio and […]

How to set up an automatic backup of your data on your iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

The best of all worlds.That’s exactly what a new free backup tool from the French startup Kutools promises to do.Kutools, the name of a group of French entrepreneurs, is building an iOS app that will let you create a new […]

How to remove your medical data from outlast and other third party sites

The outlast medical software license key will only work for your personal outlast account and not for any other account.The key will not work on outlast apps, and it is not available for third party apps.Outlast does not have […]