Flixgrab: You can now use your Flix account for premium sports and other content without paying the subscription fee

Flix has become a major source of content for premium video, and now you can use your account to watch sports and movies on Flix.Now you can subscribe to premium content without ever paying for it on Flikr.Flix also now […]

“Sap and Imagenomic” – how these two blockchain technologies could change the way we pay

The Wall St. Journal , (January 28, 2018) (thanks to josh, for the link) The new technologies that can deliver a seamless payments experience for everyone are becoming increasingly commonplace.In fact, these payments systems are already ubiquitous, even among the financial institutions […]

Overwatch Key License Key for Photofx Lab license keys leaked (Update)

Overwatch is the latest title to be licensed by Photofox Lab, the photo lab that provides the Overwatch license key.The key is an email address for which an Overwatch license can be bought for £3.50.You can use it to unlock […]