Trump: ‘VATs will come’ for Putin

Ahead of the presidential election, Trump warned that the US will not “allow” the Russians to “launder” the proceeds of its election interference.

“They’ll come for you,” Trump told an audience in Florida.

“We’re not going to let it happen.”

“You know what we’re doing?

We’re putting a tremendous amount of money into it.

We’re going to get it out.

We will not allow it to be laundered,” he said.”

We are going to keep doing it until we get Putin to respect our Constitution and respect our elections,” he added.”

And if he doesn’t respect it, I will break his nose,” Trump said.

The Trump administration has faced increased scrutiny over Russian meddling in the US election since the inauguration.

A number of intelligence agencies, including the US Treasury Department and the FBI, have accused Moscow of being behind a series of cyber attacks that targeted political parties and campaigns in key states.

But the President has not directly addressed the issue during his campaign, instead choosing to focus on his signature promise to build a wall on the Mexican border.

“I’m very concerned that they may be trying to use some other weapon to destabilize us and undermine our country and we’re not happy about it, but we’re going through this,” Trump previously said.

He added that “the world has changed.”

“We have a lot of people that are not happy with what’s happening, but they have to fight for their country, they have no choice,” he continued.