How you can get your new raft license from the coast of California

When you bought your raft license, you likely thought that the new rafting rules would only apply to recreational use.

But the California Coastal Commission says that includes all kinds of rafting, from kayaking to snorkeling to paddle boarding.

The rafting industry, however, is fighting back.

As part of a nationwide lawsuit, the commission is asking a federal judge to let the state continue to allow rafting in its coastal waters.

The lawsuit claims that rafting off of federal lands violates federal regulations and has been met with strong opposition from the rafting and kayaking communities.

“We have not received any written notice from the Commission,” said Michael J. Johnson, a lawyer for the commission.

“And we are not prepared to defend our position at this time.”

As part to their lawsuit, Johnson and the California Kayak Alliance say that raft licenses are a key component of the agency’s authority to regulate rafting on federal lands.

The Kayak Association of California has filed a brief with the court supporting the raft licenses.

The agency said in a statement that it was working with the Kayak Actuary Association of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to review the draft regulations and determine the validity of the raft license.

The draft regulations will be finalized by the end of March, the agency said.

It also said that the raft licensing process for recreational use would be updated to incorporate changes made in the draft regulation.