How to unlock your Overwatch license key

GALAXY LEAGUE – The Overwatch franchise has had a tumultuous past year, as the publisher announced a $100 million lawsuit against EA and developer Blizzard.

The suit was filed by an unnamed third party who alleged Blizzard had breached the copyright of their games.

A day later, EA CEO Andrew Wilson called Blizzard’s lawsuit “unfair and baseless” and “an unwarranted attack on a small group of our employees.”

He also said the game would not have been made if Blizzard had not threatened legal action.

The lawsuit was quickly thrown out of court.

While Blizzard is no longer in the game industry, Wilson’s words have helped inspire other game publishers to take a stance against copyright infringement.

A new game from a small developer called OverDrive is a case in point.

OverDrive’s creator, Matthew Johnson, says his game has already generated $250,000 in sales since it launched last week.

Overdrive is a “small, niche indie game with a unique mechanic,” Johnson told Ars.

“It’s about a young girl trying to survive the apocalypse in a world of zombies and mutants.”

Johnson is a self-described “hardcore gamer,” so his game is aimed at fans of other “core franchises” like BioShock and Mass Effect.

Johnson says his first project is about to be made available for free on the Steam platform.

Over Drive’s creator says he has received a lot of support from gamers.

“I’ve received hundreds of messages of support and I’m really proud of the work that I’ve done,” he said.

“This is the kind of support that I never imagined I’d receive from my fans.”

OverDrive has attracted some notable names, including EA and Activision.

Activision recently purchased the rights to the game.

“OverDrive is the most popular and best-selling indie game of 2017,” Activision said in a statement.

“Our goal is to continue to make it the best-reviewed and most-played indie game in the history of the Steam store.”

The studio that made OverDrive, Bluepoint, has also received support from Activision.

“We’re proud of our team of talented developers and passionate fans,” Bluepoint wrote in a blog post.

“Thanks to our dedicated team and our fans, OverDrive continues to become one of the most successful indie games in the Steam Store.”

Johnson told us he’s confident OverDrive will make it to the top of Steam’s top games list this year.

“With a dedicated team of passionate gamers and dedicated community, we’re ready to push the game’s rating up to an 8-star rating,” he told us.

Johnson said he hopes to release a free version of OverDrive sometime in the next few months.