How to remove WonderFox license key from your device using Android’s “key unlock” feature

We asked Android users on Twitter to help us identify the WonderFox USB key.

The answer?


The Wizard of Oz was a popular animated movie, and many people know it as a key for unlocking the Wizard of Oz phone case.

 Wizorbz, as Google has come to be known, is a key used to unlock the phone cases of many popular Android devices.

The key unlocks the phone, and in this case the phone is a Google Chromebook, a Wifi enabled Android device. 

But there are several ways you can remove the key.

You can remove it by using a third-party utility like Terminal, CWM or CyanogenMod.

You also can remove a key by going into the Android Key Manager app. 

Or you can download the Wonderfox USB key and try to unlock it by following these steps.