Outlast’s $4.4 million sale to a consortium of Chinese investors puts the company on a collision course with the Chinese government

Outlast, the award-winning survival horror game for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, has been sold to a Chinese consortium of investors for $4 billion.

The sale, which was announced Tuesday, marks Outlast 2.0, which is the game’s second iteration in the Outlast series, after Outlast: The Beginning.

It comes amid growing concerns in the United States about Chinese influence in Hollywood, with Hollywood studios including DreamWorks and Lionsgate reportedly having reached out to the Chinese governments to see if they can get the rights to make movies based on Outlast.

The deal also comes amid ongoing protests over the censorship of Chinese films in the U.S.

While the game was designed for PC platforms and is available on iOS, Android, and Steam, the Chinese consortium is expected to take over a majority stake in the company.

The acquisition is a major shift in Outlast games development, with many of the studio’s most notable titles such as Outlast and Outlast II on the rise.

The deal comes amid a growing chorus of criticism from American gamers who see China as an oppressive and anti-American force in Hollywood.

Last year, Outlast developer Outlast Studios was pulled from China for allegedly censoring content in the game, and last month the Chinese Film Institute warned out of the country that Outlast was “likely to be censored for future releases in China.”

China’s censorship crackdown, which began in May and continues to this day, has affected a number of popular video games and Hollywood studios.

In April, Hollywood studios such as Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Bros. announced they were pulling out of a movie that had been in development for years and was in the works at a Chinese studio.

In May, Sony’s chairman, Michael Lynton, also said the company was pulling the movie due to concerns over its portrayal of China.

Earlier this month, the company announced that it would be shuttering production of the upcoming Outlast film, but will keep developing it.