How to find and remove the NetScaler license key from your Microsoft account

If you’ve been using Microsoft account for any reason other than your primary one, you might want to know about how you can delete or remove the key you use to authenticate your Microsoft services, such as Windows Store apps and Xbox Live services.

Microsoft has a FAQ on this topic that you can use to ask the company about removing the key.

Microsoft is using NetScalers license key to sign you in to the Windows Store, Xbox Live and the Xbox Store app, but Microsoft says you can also use it to sign in to Windows 10 games, services, and other Windows apps you may use to access your accounts.

It’s also a great way to keep track of your accounts, since it’s stored in the cloud.

The key is used to authentiate your account on the Xbox One, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox and Xbox 360, and Windows Phone, including the Xbox app.

But it can also be used to sign into other Windows accounts, such the Windows Update app and the Windows 10 mobile app.

You’ll need to create a new Microsoft account and add the key to it.

The process is simple: Go to your Microsoft Account > Account Settings page.

Under “Security,” choose the “Remove or Delete” option.

On the “Restore” tab, click “Restart.”

You can also remove the account or change the key’s location.

You can uninstall or reset the key by following the instructions on the Netscaler page.

In the NetSCaler page, scroll down and click the “Change” button.

If you’re using an account that’s already in use, you can now delete the key or use a third-party service to create your own.

Microsoft recommends using the “Accounts” section in your account settings page to change the account you use, and you can change the default password on any accounts you have.