What’s in the new ‘Fortnite’ DLC?

Posted June 25, 2018 12:33:13The first teaser trailer for ‘Fortnight’ DLC was released earlier this week, and it looks to be a mix of new content and the usual Fortnite gameplay tweaks.

This new trailer shows off the ‘Dusk’ mode that will allow players to play as a team of four in battle, with an emphasis on the team’s ability to outlast their opponents.

The trailer also shows off new gameplay elements, including a new weapon called the ‘Fenix.’

Fenix is a “large, powerful projectile,” and it can be thrown from a distance.

The weapon can also be aimed in a direction, and the Fenix can be used to hit multiple enemies at once.

The Fenix’s primary purpose is to create confusion, but can also serve as a deadly weapon if it hits an enemy.

The ‘Fensix’ projectile is used to shoot enemies.

The new “Dusk” mode in Fortnites ‘Dawn’ mode is similar to ‘Night’ mode in other games.

In Dawn mode, players can use the ‘Night Mode’ skill to send a team into battle with their enemies at a distance, while the team can aim at their enemies using the ‘Day Mode’ button.

In ‘Day’ mode, the players must aim for the opposing team’s head.

The team with the most kills at the end of the match is the winner.

In the new Dawn mode and ‘Night mode,’ players can set up traps for their enemies to try and destroy.

The team with more traps at the start of the battle wins.

In Dawn mode players can also “shoot” an enemy to distract them, allowing players to set up multiple traps to distract their enemies.

This skill is called ‘Stalk,’ and can be fired at any time and is extremely effective.

In addition, players will also be able to “target” their enemies with ‘Trap Shot,’ which will allow them to kill them.

In ‘Nightmode,’ players will need to be aware of their surroundings, and “shoot a wide range of enemies at the same time.”

The more enemies they target, the more health they gain, but also the more damage they take.

Players can also use “flashbang grenades,” which can stun nearby enemies.

In the ‘Tyranny of the Elements’ mode players will be able “go through walls” by using “firewall,” which causes enemies to stop attacking, and players can “burn through walls.”

In ‘Doom’ mode and the ‘Gauntlet’ mode of Fortnits ‘Deathmatch’ mode the player will be tasked with destroying an enemy’s base.

In Doom mode, this team must destroy the enemy’s generator and power plant before “the end” is reached.

In both Doom mode and Doom mode of ‘Gauntlets’ mode there are additional hazards to be “tamed” by destroying enemies.

In Doom mode players have the option to choose a “Gauntlet” mode where they can “defend” their base or fight their enemies on the other side of the map.

In each Gauntlet mode, they will be fighting “the other team.”

The new ‘Dishonored’ DLC will be released on June 25 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.