How powerISO’s patent law could be misused

By Michael Biesecker By By Michael StrainFebruary 15, 2018 12:25:56A patent law firm specializing in patent litigation is threatening to sue a California software company that was sued by an Apple patent troll.

The lawsuit is the latest blow to Apple in a lawsuit that Apple is challenging in the United States District Court in the Northern District of California.

The case was filed in January.

PowerISO, a Washington-based patent law office that specializes in patent law, said in a filing Thursday that it is seeking to have the lawsuit thrown out.

It’s the latest twist in the patent battle between Apple and the federal government, which has been mired in legal disputes over whether the technology is protected by patents.

PowerISO said in the filing that Apple’s complaint is not the only patent lawsuit in the case.

It also alleges that Apple has violated the Patent Act by infringing on the patent rights of PowerISO clients.

Poweriso also has sued Microsoft and Google over the same patent.

Poweriso’s case against Apple and Microsoft is not yet resolved.

Apple is appealing a decision by a federal appeals court in Seattle that struck down Apple’s patent claims in a case brought by the National Academy of Sciences.

The patents PowerISO has filed against Apple were awarded in March 2015.

The patents, called the “Apple-Patent-Troll-Gateway-Protection” and “Apple Patent-Tolling-Gateways,” were awarded by a jury that was selected by the Patent Office.

Power ISO said in its filing that the patents in question are for “systems and methods” and not “products and services.”

The patents cover various components of a computer that connect to the Internet and perform various functions.

Power iso’s lawsuit is one of several cases the firm has filed in the last two years.

It filed several lawsuits against the National Institutes of Health in February and March.

In addition to suing Apple, PowerISO is suing Microsoft and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.