How to get the right license key for Visual Studio 2018 on your Windows 10 device

Microsoft’s Visual Studio team has a couple of ways you can get the latest version of the latest Visual Studio for Windows 10 license key on your computer.

Here’s how.1.

Find out if your license key is on the store.

If you’ve been using Visual Studio since its inception in 2015, you can look for the Visual Studio license key you purchased on the Windows Store or the Windows Insider program.2.

Use the Microsoft License Keys section on the VisualStudio site.

If the license key isn’t listed there, it’s likely the license keys are for Visual C++ 2017, Visual Studio 2017 RTM, or Visual Studio 2016.

If not, try searching the Microsoft license keys section on Visual Studio’s website.

If Visual Studio is listed, it means you have the latest Windows 10 and Visual Studio.

If it’s not, it probably means your license is not available.3.

Click “Download license key” on the Microsoft site and follow the prompts.

You should be able to see the licenseKey you downloaded from Microsoft.

The key is then available for purchase through Microsoft’s Microsoft License Exchange site.4.

Click on the key.

The license key will download and install.5.

Follow the instructions on the license.

It should take about 15 minutes.6.

You can now purchase your license from Microsoft on the official Visual Studio Store, or you can download it from Microsoft’s website and download it to your PC.7.

To install the license, open Visual Studio, click on “New Package”, and then “Download package” from the top of the menu.

It’s very easy to find the license from this site, so if you don’t find it here, search the Microsoft licensing site.8.

Once the license has been downloaded, double click on it to open it in the Visual C# Package Manager.

Select the license and click “Install”.9.

Once it’s installed, you will be prompted to enter your licenseKey.

Click it, and you’re done.

If there’s a new licenseKey available, click “Continue”.10.

You’re done!

The license has now been installed.

Once you click “Finish” to close Visual Studio and open the Windows App Store, the license will automatically be activated.