How the Riffworks RiffWorks Riff on YouTube: Riff Wins License to ‘Riffworks’ License Key

RiffWaves, the music publishing company that was acquired by Riffwax last year, announced Monday it will begin publishing a free Riff Works YouTube video in 2018.

The company, which has previously worked with Riff Waves on music videos, also announced the acquisition of a licensing key.

The key will allow Riff to publish videos on YouTube under its existing YouTube channel, which was launched last year.

RiffWalks YouTube channel was launched in June 2016.

The deal, which will not affect Riff, will be made public Tuesday.

Ruff’s YouTube channel includes more than 10 million subscribers, according to its website.

Riff was acquired in March by Spotify, which plans to make Riff Music a premium streaming service.