Redshift – The biggest cloud security breach in history

In May 2014, Redshift Security Inc., a leading provider of cloud security services, was hacked by an unlicensed, criminal hacker group.

Redshift has been able to trace the source of the attack back to a hacker group in Ukraine.

The breach is the biggest cloud-based breach of its kind in history.

The hacker group, which was known as, used a Russian language botnet to distribute malware that infected hundreds of computers worldwide, according to a report by Reuters.

The malware included the backdoor code that allows a computer to access a Redshift database.

The breach, which is still ongoing, affected approximately 3,000 Redshift servers, according the report.

According to the company, used the backdoor in October 2014 and was able to install the malware on nearly 200 computers and over 1,000 websites.

The attackers, using a “zero day” exploit, accessed a Redshifts database, which allowed them to steal passwords, credentials, and other personal data.

Redshift said that its system has been patched in an attempt to prevent future infections.

The company has not provided a timeline for when its systems will be patched.

The attack is one of the largest such breaches in history and the biggest of its type in the history of the Redshift business, which relies on automated software systems for storing data on its servers.

Redshift’s cybersecurity is in good shape.

The hackers behind the attack used a known zero day exploit to gain access to Redshift’s databases, according Redshift, and the company has patched its systems to prevent further attacks.

Redshifted is also using new technologies to fight back against its hackers.

The botnet that targeted Redshift also targeted another cybersecurity company, ThreatConnect, which operates in the same industry as Redshifter.

ThreatConnect has issued security updates to prevent similar attacks from happening again, RedShift said in a statement.

RedShift is also working to prevent attacks from being carried out on other Redshift companies and services.

The threat is being detected and tracked in Redshift databases.

In the past year, Redishys Security Inc. has deployed more than 30 cybersecurity solutions, including a full suite of attack mitigation systems.

The company is working with the Department of Homeland Security and other federal, state, and local government partners to mitigate any risks to its business and employees.

Redishts cybersecurity is always in the forefront of any cyber threat intelligence assessments.