Flixgrab: You can now use your Flix account for premium sports and other content without paying the subscription fee

Flix has become a major source of content for premium video, and now you can use your account to watch sports and movies on Flix.

Now you can subscribe to premium content without ever paying for it on Flikr.

Flix also now lets you create your own personalized Flix accounts, allowing you to keep tabs on what your friends and family watch, and to set up personal notifications for you and others, all from within the app.

FlikR has also updated its app to allow you to add a personalized flair to your videos and pictures, and allow you customize the size of your posts to match your flair. 

It’s an exciting time for Flix fans, as the company looks to expand its offerings and grow its user base in a time when premium video and music are in high demand.