Israel will allow companies to use QR codes in passports, licenses, travel documents, business cards and more

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that the government will allow the use of digital technologies in passports and other documents.

In a video broadcast to his cabinet colleagues on Thursday, Netanyahu said that the state would allow companies, especially technology companies, to use a digital form of identification in their documents, licenses and business cards, as long as they adhere to a strict set of guidelines.

“In the future, we will let the digital technology and the digital identity, in their entirety, be part of the passport,” Netanyahu said.

He said the technology was being used by the Israeli government and companies to facilitate business transactions and was not used to access sensitive data or to access private information.

“When a company wants to make a transaction, they must be able to use it digitally,” he said.

Netanyahu said that a small number of companies were using the technology to create QR codes, and that he would like to see them banned, and if necessary, to ban them completely.

“I think there is an absolute need to ban these companies, and ban the entire technology industry from using it,” he added.

“We will let them use it and they will not be allowed to use our laws, our laws.”

While it’s been a long time since the technology has been used in a practical way, a few years ago, Israel started to allow businesses to use the technology for authentication purposes.

Israel has a history of restricting the use and use of technology, with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government having previously banned the use or production of cellphones and other digital devices, which could have been used to monitor, record and store private information on Israeli citizens.

Netayahu Netanyahu, a member of the Knesset and the speaker of the Lower House, has previously warned that if the technology continues to grow, it could eventually be used to undermine the digital security of Israel.