Superhot: RTE’s top 20 TV shows for 2019

RTE has compiled the 20 best TV shows of 2019 to help you stay informed about the industry in 2019.

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Superhot, Season 3, Episode 1 – Superhot (S3E01)TODay’s Top 11:TWD – The Fall of Rome, Season 2, Episode 3 – TWD (S2E03)TWD is one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows ever made, and we’re celebrating it with the premiere of TWD: The Fall Of Rome, the latest instalment of the critically acclaimed and award-winning television series.TWD: Teddington – The Return, Episode 7 – Teddham, The Return (S7E04)The story of a young woman’s tragic return to her hometown of London is brought to life in this gripping new episode of The Return.

Read MoreTWD was nominated for four Emmys and a Golden Globe for Outstanding Drama Series and three Emmy Awards.

The show won an Oscar for Outstand Entertainment.