How to unlock a screen swipe with a QR code

Redshift, the maker of the Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, has announced a new smartphone license key that lets users scan a QR-code on a smartphone to unlock it, without entering a password or taking any other steps.

This new QR code feature works with any smartphone that supports a QR codes, and will be made available starting today.

The new QR-Code-enabled smartphone license keys will be sold at a price of $10 per key, and users will need to provide a valid email address for the company to verify their purchase.

Users will also need to sign into their account to activate the new smartphone licenses.

Redshift says the new device license key will be accessible through its website and through apps, but does not provide details on how the new software will be implemented.

The company said the new feature was developed to make it easier to unlock smartphones, and is not meant to replace the QR code or password.

Users can scan a QR-code with their smartphone using the company’s smartphone app and use it to unlock the smartphone.

Users will also be able to scan a user’s QR code using their Google Glass headset.

Google Glass is a device that uses an augmented reality display to provide 360-degree virtual reality experiences.