How to recover lost and stolen devices in the US and abroad

The FBI has issued a new set of guidelines for people who want to recover their lost and/or stolen devices.

In the US, the FBI says it will require you to provide a phone number, a phone log, and a phone login password.

In Canada, you must provide a physical address, date of birth, and phone number.

In Australia, you will need to provide your mobile phone’s serial number, phone log and a physical location, and it’s required to provide any text messages, calendar entries, and other electronic communication.

In Europe, it’s a similar process to be issued.

The FBI will require the phones to be registered to a physical, residential address, with a mobile phone number that matches the phone log.

In Australia, the same process will require that the phone’s SIM card be registered and that it be a roaming SIM.

If you’re unsure if your device is lost or stolen, or if you need to contact your carrier, you can find out more about recovery at

The FBI also released a statement, saying the new guidelines are in line with current law and policy.

“In light of this guidance, we have issued a revised Policy Statement to assist law enforcement officials and the public with their ongoing investigation efforts.

This Policy Statement addresses a number of topics relating to lost and found devices and services,” it said.

Australia’s national police force said the guidelines were a “good step forward” to help people with lost and broken phones recover them.

“The use of a physical phone number is a key component of recovery, so a physical telephone log can help to identify the mobile phone that was lost or lost to someone,” Assistant Commissioner Mike Gallacher said.

“The police will continue to encourage people to follow up with their mobile phone companies to confirm whether a device is recovered.”