A Jerusalem man says his wife was shot in the head by her ex-husband, who said she was a ‘dirty Jew’

The wife of a Jerusalem man who shot and killed his wife is among those wounded in an attack in the West Bank city of Hebron, authorities said.

Saad Abu Shamsir, 35, is in critical condition after the attack, the police said in a statement on Sunday.

It was not immediately clear how he died.

He is accused of stabbing his wife, Khader Abu Shama, 33, and then setting off a car bomb near the family home, wounding her and killing her father and brother.

The father of the slain family said the couple was on their way to pick up their three children from school when the attack happened.

He said Khader’s father was driving a minivan, but they were stopped by police when he pulled out of the checkpoint.

Sa’ad Abu Sha’arir, the father, said his wife had been on a walk with their children when she was approached by a group of Palestinians, who asked her for her ID card.

The group then started to assault her, and she was shot three times in the abdomen and her head was hit, he said.

“She was shot and then she was thrown on the floor,” he said, adding that his wife’s injuries included a skull fracture and her arm had been broken.

Said Abu Shamasir, father, Khada Abu Shaarir (R), and Khader (L) attend their funeral in Hebron in April 2018.

Saada Abu Shimaarir said the police had said his mother was not a terrorist, and that the attack was a provocation by Palestinians against his family.

Abu Sha’ir, a resident of the village of Umm al-Qaroun, was among those injured in the attack.

He was in critical but stable condition, a police statement said.

Khader Abu Shaalir said his brother, the driver of the minivan that was stopped by the police, had been taken to hospital and would be transferred to Beit Lahia, a hospital affiliated with the army.

“They were trying to break us up, but the people in the car weren’t in the right mood,” he told Al Jazeera.

“My brother had to use his life as a weapon to defend his family.”

Abu Shamasirs wife was also killed, the statement said, and her father was wounded.

Saud Abu Shaamair, who works in the construction industry in the city, said he saw his father being carried away by the attackers and was trying to help him.

“I was standing next to him and I saw blood, and I was crying,” he recalled.

“We tried to save him, but he had no chance to fight them off.”

The attack comes just days after the arrest of Palestinian security chief Muhammad Abu Marzouk, who was accused of ordering an assassination attempt against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem in March 2018.

The attack came as Israel and Palestinian factions reached a truce deal to allow for the withdrawal of Israeli settlers from the West Wall and the city’s al-Aqsa mosque compound, the site of the second-holiest site in Judaism.

Israel has previously said it will not allow any further settlers to settle in the occupied West Bank.