DAO ICO: DAO Token Sale to begin on September 7, 2018

DAO token sale to begin September 7 at 9:00am PDT and is scheduled to run through September 28 at 9 am PDT.

The DAO will launch on the Ethereum blockchain on the 9th, with an initial supply of 3,600 DAOs and 1,400 tokens.

The initial sale will offer a 2.25% dividend for holders of the DAO tokens, which can be redeemed for Ether.

There will be a maximum of 10,000 DAOs in circulation.

The token sale will be available on the DAOs blockchain for the duration of the token sale.

DAO is a blockchain platform for decentralized applications, and its development is overseen by the DAX token exchange.

The ICO is the first token sale in the DAOS blockchain.

The DAO has already raised $30 million and has a total market cap of $6.4 billion, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

This includes $2.1 million in funding raised by the Ethereum Foundation.

The Ethereum Foundation has set a goal of $100 million to fund the DAOX token sale, with another $100,000 from the Ethereum Classic Foundation.

A new DAO can be created and launched with $250,000 in funding.

DAOX will allow users to build their own autonomous organizations on the blockchain, while the DA tokens will be used to pay for the creation of new autonomous organizations.