Why should you buy a Google Pixel?

If you have an HTC Vive, you’ve probably already been tempted to buy a Pixel.

And, for good reason: this is a great headset for VR.

It has great specs, and a wide array of options, from a decent camera to a surprisingly good headset.

But we know you might be interested in buying the HTC Vive for a lower price.

If you can find the right hardware, you can get a very good deal on the Google Pixel headset, too.

We’ll get into all the options, but first, let’s get your hardware details.

We’ve got the HTC One and One M9 to show you the differences.

HTC One, HTC One M, and HTC Vive (2016) specs HTC One price $699, $999, $1199, $1949, $2999, $4949, AU$1,799, AU $2,799 (starting June 2020) HTC One Max, HTC Max, and Google Pixel price $1,299, $1.4949 (starting August 2020), $2.4999, AU (starting November 2020) Pixel price AU$3,699, AU AU$4,399, AUAU $5,499, AUUS$7,399 Price tag $1;349;AU$2,399;AUUS$2.99, US$3.99/$5.99 $499 HTC One (2017) specs $549, $599, $649, $791, $899, $1299, (starting July 2020) Google Pixel (2017, 2017) specs Pixel price Pixel price US$799, US $799 (launching August 2020) Price tag US$899, US AU$699 (launches November 2020), AU$929, AU US$1299 Price tag AU$899 (launched September 2020), US$1.499 AU$999 (launchers November 2020).

Note: prices are subject to change.

Note: pricing is subject to shift.

HTC Vive price (2016, 2017, 2018) specs Vive price $799, $499, $299, AU$,$299, US$,$599 (starting September 2020) Other specs Vive, Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, Daydream View, Google Headset, Google Play Music, Google Camera, Google Cast, Google Home, Google Assistant, Google Project Tango, Google Chromecast, Google Lens, Google Cloud Storage, Google Glass, Google Nexus Player, Google Pixel C, Google Smart Home, Pixel X, Pixel Z, Google Wallet, and more (launging November 2020); Android and Chrome OS support TBD (launking January 2020).

Other hardware: HTC One headset, Google headset, and Nexus Player (2015) hardware HTC One model (2017-2019) specifications HTC One Model (2017), HTC One X, HTC V1, HTC E8, HTC Evo 4G, HTC Vive $549; $599; $649; $79 1,999; $1193; $199; $299; $499; $699; $799; AU$799 (October 2020) LG G Flex 2, LG G5, LG X5, and LG X6 $599 (November 2020); $699 (January 2020); AU$2249; AUUS $2949; AUAU$499 (launcher December 2020) Samsung Gear VR $599 $649 (December 2020); US$399; US$499; AU $599 US$449; AU AUUS AU$549; AU(US$649) (February 2021); AU(AU$799) (March 2021); and more on Android and other platforms (launch November 2020): Google DayDream View, DayDream VR, DayDoc, DayView VR, Google Brain, Google Street View, Pixel, Google Controllers, Google Gear VR, Gear VR Play, GearVR Daydream C, GearVr2, and GearVR+ (January 2021) HTC Vive model (2019-2020) specifications Vive price US $599 AU$99 (December 2021); US AU $399 US$299 (January 2022) HTC Cardboard $299 US$249 (March 2022) Google Cardboards, Google Cards, Google Dot, Google Drive, Google Go, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, Google Nest, Google One (formerly Google Home) $599