Why are Softaculous, Fivem, Softacious Music, and Fivem Unlimited free to download in India?

A day after Softacuous, FiveM, and fivem Unlimited are free to purchase in India, the government has announced that all three services will be available in the country starting from January 31.Softaculous Music, which was launched last year, is a […]

How to unlock the next season of the popular game console – PS4 – with a key

Super Mario Odyssey is coming to the Nintendo Switch, according to a brand new announcement by EA Sports.The new trailer shows off the Switch’s new console features.It shows off a new character and more than 20 new arenas that can […]

SoftAculous: The Game That Could Kickstart Your Marketing Plan

SoftAcousi has always been a game about being creative and having fun, so we were thrilled when we heard SoftAcious is coming to our smartphones.This app allows you to create and share your own ads and campaigns, and you can […]

How to remove WonderFox license key from your device using Android’s “key unlock” feature

We asked Android users on Twitter to help us identify the WonderFox USB key.The answer?Google. The Wizard of Oz was a popular animated movie, and many people know it as a key for unlocking the Wizard of Oz phone case. Wizorbz, as Google […]

What you need to know about netfabb, CCleaner and NetFlix license keys (updated)

In a previous article, we described how CCleaners and Netflix license key(s) can be used to gain access to the Windows Registry.If you are using a Windows 7 or 8 operating system, you may have a default license key for […]

How to Get Into ‘The Muppets’ for a Free Weekend of TV, Movies and Books on Demand

This post was sponsored by Fandango, a digital subscription service.If you are a subscriber, get a 30-day trial and get 15% off your first month.For more info, visit Fandana.com.Get the scoop on what’s new at EW.com/EspionageWeek and subscribe to EW.net […]